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What Are The Tools A Dentist Uses?

Twice a year we stop in to see our friendly neighborhood dentist, and during that visit, it’s likely that we encounter some rather unusual looking tools. While you’re sitting in the chair the air is full of the sound of flowing air, a strange sucking noise, and the high-pitched whine of what is clearly a dentist’s drill. Beyond these items, most patients aren’t really sure what kinds of equipment make up their dentists arsenal, and we decided to put together this article to help change that. Being familiar with the tools used during your check-up can help demystify your visit and reduce anxiety, so keep reading!

A Tool To Reflect

Every dentist needs a trusty mirror, and the ones found in your dentist’s office are specifically designed to make the life of your dentist easier. Using this angled mirror your oral physician is able to get a good look at what’s going on inside your mouth and take steps to help address any issues they find.

Sickle Probe’s Helps Find The Problem

You’ve probably winced a little when you see this tool brought out. That’s hardly surprising, a sharp looking hook on the end of a metal handle does look intimidating. There’s nothing to be afraid of, however, as this tool is just used for investigating the narrow spaces between your teeth and cleaning plaque and tartar out of areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

A Tool For Scaling

If you’ve ever heard your dentist tell you not to put anything metal in your mouth, and then wonder at the irony of all of their tools being made of metal, you aren’t alone. This is one of those tools, and it could cause harm to your teeth if not in the hands of a professional. The scaler is a metal scraper used to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth to help maintain their long term health.

Sucking Up The Saliva

One of the less glamorous tools of the dentist’s trade is the Saliva Suction Tool. It’s whole job is to remove the saliva that pools in your mouth so your dentist can more easily see where they’re working. You’re almost certainly familiar with the sound and sensation of this being used, as its a common part of your regular check-ups.

Dental Drill

This is the one tool that most patients have the most anxiety about, with its shrill whine and uncomfortable purpose, the dental drill is an important tool in your dentist’s toolbox. Use of the dental drill doesn’t have to be a painful experience, typically the application of anesthetic makes it a completely discomfort free experience.

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