Things to Tell Your Dentist


Many people only plan on going to the dentist twice a year for regular cleanings. These are the routine appointments that people are intimately familiar with which include a general cleaning, flossing, and a quick checkup by the dentist to ensure there aren’t any cavities or oral health issues. What people may not understand is that the dentist might need to ask several other questions to ensure that there aren’t any underlying problems. When people visit, there are a few important things that people should tell their dentist because it may impact the visit and their oral health as a whole.

Do You Suffer From a Dry Mouth?

Almost everyone has suffered from a dry mouth, sometimes called cottonmouth, at some point in their life. It may accompany a trip outside on a windy day or a run through cold weather. While this is nothing major to be concerned about, people who have a dry mouth continuously should tell their dentist. Saliva plays an important role in the digestion of food while also preventing oral infections. Without saliva, bacteria could grow and cause cavities at a rapid rate. Tell your dentist if you suffer from a dry mouth on a regular basis.

Do You Have Pain in Your Teeth or Gums?

While most people will tell their dentist if they have oral pain, it is important to remember to tell the dentist about this when they visit. Oral pain can be indicative of cavities that may otherwise go unnoticed. It could also mean that there is an infection along the gum line. It is important to address this before the infection progresses to the root where people may require a root canal. Inform the dentist if you are experiencing pain in either your teeth or along your gum line.

What is your Overall Oral Health Lifestyle?

People should always be honest with a professional healthcare provider. Although some habits might be embarrassing to admit, it is important to be honest with the dentist so that they can provide the best care possible. If you smoke, chew tobacco, or drink coffee on a regular basis, share this information with the dentist. It will have important implications for your care and also will help inform the dentist about certain problems that they should look out for during the visit. Unless you share this information with the dentist, the practice might overlook certain aspects of your oral health that could cause serious issues down the road.

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