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Prep-Steps For The Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are a great way to improve your smile, to retain the health and structure of your jaw, and allow you to get better nutrition by allowing you to enjoy a more varied diet. Unfortunately, some people avoid getting implants or experience a little fear when considering them, due to a lack of understanding about what happens during the implant process. Thankfully there’s a helpful little guide to explain what happens during the implant procedure and how it can bring you a fantastic new smile.

The First Stages of Preparation
Excellent oral health is essential to a successful implant procedure, as your gums, jaws, and existing teeth (if you have any) will be essential in supporting your new implants. This means that the first step on your path to a beautiful new smile will involve a dental exam to determine if there are any existing pathologies in your mouth. These can include cavities, abscesses, gingivitis, and periodontal disease, as well as any wasting of your jawbone in places with absent teeth. The health of your jaw is particularly essential as the titanium implants will be inserted into mountings drilled into your bone. During this stage, you may be prescribed antibacterial mouthwash, antibiotics, and advised to find a driver for the day of your procedure to ensure you make it home safely.

When It All Begins: Your First Procedure
Getting dental implants isn’t a quick process, and often involves a period of 6-9 months to complete. The first step of the process involves getting your mouth anesthetized so that the necessary incisions can be made to reveal the bone where the implants are going to go. Once the gums have been moved aside mounting points will be drilled into your jaw for placement of the titanium mounts. These mounts are implanted and then capped with a temporary cap that may extend above the gumline. The gums are then stitched closed over or around these caps to promote the healing process, a process which can take several months and during which your bone will adhere to the mounts.

The Journey Ahead: Healing and Design
As your jaw heals you’re likely to have a few more visits to ensure everything is moving along smoothly. Once it’s determined that your initial healing process is complete the dentist will make incisions to reveal the temporary caps (if necessary) and then begin design and placement of your new crowns. It can take several visits to get your crowns properly designed, but when it’s all said and done you’ll have an incredible new smile. Pain control medication is often needed following the procedure as the final healing process completes, but most patients can return to work right away.

For those seeking dental implants and living in the Houston, TX area Dr. Dan Hoang is available for providing compassionate and experienced dental implant work. With a single phone call to Dan Hoang DDS & Associates, you’ll be on your way to a future with a restored smile and great oral health.

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