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How To Handle The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Even the strictest oral hygiene regime isn’t going to protect you from accidents that cause trauma to your teeth, but most people aren’t aware of the proper first aid care techniques to use when they have a dental emergency. Whether you or your family is involved in active lifestyles or you just want to be prepared if something should go awry, you should learn all the proper dental first aid responses to the most common dental emergencies.

What Exactly Is A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can range from the relatively benign to the smile-threateningly severe, and there’s a proper way to respond to all of them. Some of these techniques can actually save teeth you thought were otherwise lost or, if left untreated, can actually result in life-threatening conditions due to spreading infection (Abscesses).

Types Of Oral Emergencies:

Teeth that have been Knocked Out – Most people believe that if a tooth gets knocked out that that’s the end of that tooth. This isn’t necessarily true, however. If the tooth is kept moist and transported to a dental office immediately there may still be hope. There are special transport kits available at most pharmacies for this purpose.

Teeth that are Fractured or Broken – When a tooth gets damaged, especially if pieces have been knocked out of the mouth while others remain, its understandable to think that all hope is lost. This isn’t actually the case, however. If you get all the pieces to your dentist there’s a chance that the tooth can be saved. If you have an exposed root, do not touch it.

Bleeding Mouth Injuries – An injury to the face can cause a lot of alarming bleeding, but it’s important to remember that face wounds bleed a lot so its not an immediate cause for alarm. However, if your gums, jaw, or teeth have been impacted and are bleeding it’s time for an immediate trip to the dentist. Clean your mouth with water and use cold to help reduce bleeding and swelling.

These injuries are the type that dentists report the most frequently and the first aid treatments listed above have been proven to be the most effective at handling them. In fact, with immediate First Aid intervention, injured teeth can be saved in many cases. Every year there are hundreds of people who experience dental emergencies and are able to save their teeth through timely intervention.

If you live in the Houston, TX area and want to learn more about dental first aid it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan Hoang at Dan Hoang DDS & Associates. Their team of experts have been aiding their community with routine care and dental emergencies for years, and are ready to make your family part of theirs. Don’t let a dental emergency turn into a lifelong dental tragedy, act now and learn how to protect your teeth today by calling Dr. Dan Hoang and scheduling an appointment!

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