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Animals and Their Amazing Teeth!

Humans have some incredible teeth, teeth that make it possible for us to share beautiful smiles, enjoy our favorite meals, and even speak clearly. Throughout our species development our diets have shaped the nature of our teeth, and our teeth, in turn, have shaped how our language developed and the importance of a smile. While our teeth are truly a masterwork of mother nature, the animal kingdom contains creatures with teeth that are just as amazing and we’re going to share some of them with you today.


These tiny creatures contain an enormous secret, and that secret is that they have thousands of teeth, 625 times more than we do in fact! As their sole appendage perhaps it makes sense that they would have over 14,000 teeth in their mouths!


Sharks have thousands of teeth in their mouth in multiple rows, as their teeth fall out over time the next tooth in line moves into place and a new one starts to grow at the back of the row. Over their lives they can have up to 30,000 teeth grow and fall out!


Monkeys are among our closest relatives on the planet, and its little surprise that they have teeth that are remarkably similar to ours. What most people don’t know is that they also share hygiene habits with us, using hair and other natural string to floss food out from between their teeth.


These long necked herbivores are an interesting case in the animal kingdom, having the same number of teeth as we do, but not having any teeth in the front of their mouths on top. The reason for this has to do with how they eat, making it necessary for them to have all their teeth in the back.


Now that we’ve talked about a creature with no teeth in the front of their mouths, lets talk about an animal that has an incredible pair of front teeth! Beavers have orange front teeth that are strong and durable enough to allow them to chew through wood thanks to the iron in their teeth that gives them their color.


Most creatures have some form of teeth in their mouths, and the snail has teeth on its tongue, but the dragonfish is an unusual case in that it has teeth in its mouth AND on its tongue. These fish aren’t very big, and are essentially incapable of sight, so their incredible mouth full of teeth makes it easier for them to catch and eat their prey.

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